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Start your professional growth with the prestigious US - MBA program in Brno
1,5 year = 3 semesters

Course of studies

The program is using elements of full-time and distance learning focused on the development of knowledge and training of specific skills in each module. The program applies a flexible approach, using teaching elements of teamwork, interactive and participatory techniques, enabling sharing of managerial experience between participants. The distance form represents an independent study of texts and recommended literature with the support of individual consultations with lecturers. The basic methods of the studies are:

  • Seminars (organized for each module separately) - discussions, case studies, teamwork, online work in the US university study system, consultations, etc.
  • Individual expert consultations with lecturers (~10 hours each module)
  • Independent study
  • Exam - elaboration of a written essay on a selected topic of the given module in the range of approximately 2,000-3,000 words (vary in each course), final presentation of individual or group project etc.

50% of classes are led by professors from the USA and 50% by experts from the Czech Republic who speak English as well. Written essays can be submitted in English. However, the studies can also be organized fully in English for a homogeneous group of students.

English is a must

Knowledge of English is required before entering the studies. For this reason, a Business English course is organized as a preparatory part. It is organized before the beginning of Semester 1 and is implemented by foreign lecturers. Completion should be a prerequisite for communication with American lecturers and the study of foreign sources in English. The course ends with 2 tests in English, which are also considered as an entrance exam to the program. The costs of the Business English course are not included in the MBA tuition fee.

The course of studies

Classes take place 1-2 times a month during weekends (Friday - from 11 am, Saturday - all day, Sunday - until 1 pm) in the form of three-day workshops in Brno. The teaching is divided according to the content into individual modules (courses), where each of them has its own module leader. They are responsible for its professional side, teaching staff and completion of the prescribed exam with the evaluation of each student. They also set out study literature, forms of consultations and exam dates.

Each student must successfully complete 12 modules (courses) (4 each semester).

Study materials

The study materials are the basic expert sets of handouts provided for each module by the individual module leaders from the University of St. Francis in English and developed by FBM BUT experts on the basis of more than twenty years of experience in the implementation of MBA studies in the Czech Republic. These are presentations, case studies, assignments and other recommended publications on the given topic in Czech and English, etc.

Goal of the studies

The studies provide a comprehensive education in the field of organizational management and are focused on development of strategic thinking and managerial competencies in all parts of management for the effective performance of top management positions. In addition to the knowledge base, emphasis is placed on outputs in the form of practical managerial skills and abilities for their practical application.

The purpose of the studies in terms of learning outcomes is:
  • develop analytical methods and approaches to obtaining and evaluating information to support strategic decision-making,
  • develop knowledge and skills necessary for strategic management of the organization's resources,
  • develop ability to design and implement an effective management system for the organization,
  • develop participants' ability to manage the development of their own management skills,
  • develop effective communication skills at all levels of management,
  • demonstrate and develop intellectual competencies for the strategic management of all components of modern management,
  • develop the ability to rationally argue and draw independent conclusions based on an analytical and critical approach to information, their subsequent presentation and defense.

Accommodation during the studies

Based on a request of the student, it is possible to provide accommodation in university dormitories, which are located opposite our faculty, in single or double rooms. These costs are not a part of the tuition fee.

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Ing. Klára Jarchovská
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