Our students

Mgr. Vlad Moldovan, MBA  - photo
Mgr. Vlad Moldovan, MBA
Regulatory Compliance Consultant, Honeywell, spol. s.r.o.

„Receiving my MBA from the University of St. Francis in collaboration with the Brno University of Technology gave me the necessary tools and mindset to operate in the business world with confidence.”

Ing. Anton Morozov, MBA  - photo
Ing. Anton Morozov, MBA
Area Manager, KSK Precise Motion, a.s.

„It's a big adventure and a big challenge, but in the end it's a huge experience that brings a lot of new experiences and unlimited potential.”

Mgr. Filip Veselka, MBA  - photo
Mgr. Filip Veselka, MBA
Product Manager, ViskoTeepak, s.r.o.

„Studying the US-MBA helped me to expand my knowledge, gain a new job position, but also a number of new friends.”

Ing. Zbyněk Slezák, MBA  - photo
Ing. Zbyněk Slezák, MBA
Facility General Manager, PST CLC, a.s.

"The best way to predict the future is to create one. US-MBA will definitely help you with that. ”
Ing. Samuel Polakovič, MBA  - photo
Ing. Samuel Polakovič, MBA
Member of Supervisory Board, EUROPARK Bratislava, a.s.

„MBA studies within the cooperation of BUT and the University of St. Francis (IL, USA) with ACBSP international accreditation met my expectations. It was the right choice and a good time spent in a pleasant academic environment.”
Ing. Jiří Strbačka, MBA  - photo
Ing. Jiří Strbačka, MBA
CTO, Borcad Medical a.s.

"You study Semester 1 as a separate group and for Semester 2 and 3, your Cohort joins another one, so the studies are not monotonous for a moment. It is constantly changing both with the topic and with whom and how you have to deal and cooperate..."
Ing. Mgr. et Mgr. Ludmila Baláková, Ph.D., MBA - photo
Ing. Mgr. et Mgr. Ludmila Baláková, Ph.D., MBA
Deputy director for theoretical teaching, SOŠ Jana Tiraye Velká Bíteš
"Studying the US-MBA is important for those who want to have a specific managerial overview as well as broaden the horizons in their field, learn to solve work tasks from multiple angles and find creative solutions where they would not look for them..."
Ing. Regina Voříšková, MBA - photo
Ing. Regina Voříšková, MBA
TOP management

The main reason why I decided to study US-MBA was undoubtedly the desire to enrich my knowledge for my profession, where I could apply acquired knowledge directly in the management of my company. Gradually, I found out that I still do things the same way and..."
Ing. Mgr. Radek Jašíček, MBA - photo
Ing. Mgr. Radek Jašíček, MBA
Key Account Manager, Güdel a.s.

"Half of the program is led by lecturers from the American University of St. Francis in Joliet, who are leaders in their field. The vast majority are experienced professionals who have already completed a very successful managerial career..."
Ing. et Ing. Petr Jarchovský, MBA  - photo
Ing. et Ing. Petr Jarchovský, MBA
Head of Sales, Siemens Electric Machines s.r.o
"After completing this challenging program, I became convinced that my decision was the right one. Terms that I hadn't even been able to pronounce until then were suddenly a matter of course, and I was able to apply them very quickly in my job. Based on my experience, I can recommend FBM BUT to all those interested in quality MBA studies. Your investment will not be wasted.”
Ing. Marek Smolka, MBA - photo
Ing. Marek Smolka, MBA
CEO, Výhybkárna a strojírna, a.s, Prostějov

“Of course, I was worried about how to handle conversation in English without a basic knowledge of business English. I welcomed the opportunity to take a preparatory Business English course before the first module, which prepared me for the studies in an intensive way and at the same time helped me to get to know and establish contacts with future colleagues in the group.”


It turns out that in terms of gender, the number of women has increased by 4 percentage points in the last seven Cohorts of the program. In Cohort 4, out of the total number of 14 students, 5 were women, which is more than 1/3. This supports the fact that their share in top positions increases over time.


The average age of our students decreases over time. Today it is 36.


From the point of view of job positions, our students are most often managers at the level of middle and top management. In combination with various areas of business, it forms a huge platform for the exchange of experience and practical solutions to crisis situations.

Countries of the EU

Czechs create the largest share of students. However, it is important to emphasize that the representation of foreign students in our studies is still growing. A significant part consists of Slovaks and also Poles. However, in the US-MBA studies we can also find representation from Nigeria and India.


The most represented is the Engineering sector, followed by the Services, IT and telecommunications, Power engineering and Education, Science, Research and the Public sector. It is also given by the content structure of the program, which is focused mainly on "hard" modules - economics, marketing and finance.

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Photo - Ing. Klára Jarchovská
Ing. Klára Jarchovská
Coordinator of the US-MBA studies
Tadeáš Hrabal

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