US-MBA studies guide
Start your professional growth with the prestigious US - MBA program in Brno
1,5 year = 3 semesters


Lecturers from the USA

Managerial Economics Prof. Roy SUDIPTA, Prof. Robert ZIMMERMAN
Management and Organizational Behavior Prof. Richard VAUGHAN, Prof. Mike HARVEY
Project Management Prof. Bonnie Covelli
International Business Prof. Orlando GRIEGO, Prof. Marie Di VIRGILIO
Strategic Business Management Prof. Arvid JOHNSON, Prof. Joseph MALLOF
International Finance Prof. Brian Thompson
Advanced Financial Management Prof. Stephen G. Morrissette

The program is provided by university lecturers and experts in individual professional areas of management with many years of experience in teaching MBA studies, especially from the University of St. Francis and the Brno University of Technology. Selected lectures are also led by experts from other universities and institutions, as well as top managers from practice.

Lecturers from the Czech Republic

Managerial Accounting Ing. Helena Hanušová, CSc.
Doc. Ing. Anna FEDOROVÁ, CSc.
Managerial Finance Doc. Ing. Romana Čížinská, Ph.D
Ing. Michal Karas, Ph.D.
Risk Management Prof. Ing. Karel Rais, CSc., MBA
Ing. Et Ing. Lea Kubíčková, Ph.D.
Ethical, Legal and Social Environment of a firm Doc.RNDr. Anna PUTNOVÁ,Ph.D.,MBA
Ing. Mgr. Andrea Cebáková
Marketing Management Doc. Ing. Vít Chlebovský, PhD.
Ing. David Schüller, PhD.
Information Technologies Doc. Ing. Miloš KOCH, CSc.
Ing. Petr Dydowicz, Ph.D.

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Photo - Ing. Klára Jarchovská
Ing. Klára Jarchovská
Coordinator of the US-MBA studies
Photo - Vanesa Hlačinová
Vanesa Hlačinová

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