Experience with MBA - Ing. Regina Voříšková, MBA

Ing. Regina Voříšková, MBA - photo
Ing. Regina Voříšková, MBA
TOP management

„The main reason why I decided to study US-MBA was undoubtedly the desire to enrich my knowledge for my profession, where I could apply acquired knowledge directly in the management of my company. Gradually, I found out that I still do things the same way and that it would not be bad to learn to do them differently and perhaps more effectively. I took the MBA as an opportunity to improve my knowledge and also as an excellent opportunity to consult issues directly with experts in the field.

I was also looking for a program in English and I was thrilled by the cooperation of BUT and the University Francis in Joliet, Illinois not far from Chicago. I knew that thanks to intensive weekend classes with American lecturers, I will also have the opportunity to improve my English. I decided to follow the words once said by famous businessman Henry Ford: "Everyone who stops learning is old, whether he is 20 or 80. Everyone who learns remains young." And who wouldn't want to stay young? :-)“

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Photo - Ing. Klára Jarchovská
Ing. Klára Jarchovská
Coordinator of the US-MBA studies
Tadeáš Hrabal

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